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19-22 September, 2023 | Melbourne Convention Centre
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Why be a sponsor at the GEC 2023

The world’s entrepreneurial landscape is shifting, yet again.

People are more closely linked than any other time in history, sharing concerns about health, economic uncertainty and geopolitical disruption. Hopes of a return to consistent, predictable growth, and daily life as we knew it, will not be met any time soon.

These are, however, the conditions under which entrepreneurs thrive. Risk, disruption and unpredictable markets are part of the DNA of quick-thinking value-creators who make big, calculated bets to solve even bigger problems.

All this points in one direction –forward.

Vibrant, scalable, and high-performing start-up ecosystems have the power to transform global ecosystems, infrastructure and communities. It’s time to build sustainable, resilient connections between entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers and community leaders.

Join thousands of voices from 200+ countries in September 2023 for GEC 2023: Transform Your World.

Together, we’re kick-starting a new era of vision-casting, collaboration and collective action to solve global challenges, create long-lasting growth and make people’s daily lives better.

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Less than 2 weeks to go!

Don’t miss your chance to join 4000+ entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers and community leaders from 200+ countries for GEC 2023: Transform Your World.