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19-22 September, 2023 | Melbourne Convention Centre

GEC Attendee Engagement

Coffee Lounge


What is Melbourne without its coffee, Showcase the world’s best coffee! Just like many of the iconic coffee hotspots in Melbourne GEC will have its own coffee lounge. Make your mark, naming the coffee lounge. A central location within the GEC Village and exhibition, an ideal opportunity to network and connect with attendees and shout them a coffee!

Recharge Lounge


A dedicated workspace for the essential business traveller, creating a quiet environment for business meetings, catching up on work or just a space for a breather. A “must-have” within the GEC village and exhibition space. Have attendees thanking you for creating the perfect space just for them.

5G Wi fi


Ensure attendees of GEC have maximum speed. Offering 5G for an estimated 4000+ attendees, ensuring safety and security with event only access. Ensure your brand is connected!

Ideal for a telecommunication company- able to provide 5G connection at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Vehicle Sponsor


Ensure our VIPs travel in style, an opportunity to upgrade a ride with your vehicles. Showcase the latest model, EV, Hybrid or Hydrogen car. To be utilised across the GEC and seen at right across Melbourne, these vehicles will be the envy of Everyone!

Supply of 4+ seater vehicles, registered and driven by a licensed driver in Melbourne Victoria 1-4 May 2023. Provide guests with a VIP experience with the finer touches, branded water bottles, branded sanitiser and great customer service.

** all related costs and supplies are borne by the sponsor.