19-22 September, 2023
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Engage your ecosystem for #GEC2023

Join 4,000 entrepreneurs, investors, policy makers and ecosystem leaders
Transform your world.

#GEC2023 is happening against a backdrop of global connectivity and challenge. It’s not another talkfest – it’s a large-scale opportunity for collaboration and collective action. 

Since 2009, the Global Entrepreneurial Congress has travelled to 12 nations, with 2023 its first visit to the Asia-Pacific region. 

We want your help to make this event the start of the most important conversations we’ll have in our lifetime.

** complimentary registration is limited to our valued Eco System leads and builders and not available for general distribution. Please do not share this code or other leaders and builders will miss their opportunity for a complimentary registration.

Support the GEC program

We have 10 sessions that can be filled by GEN Australia. To support this, can you please propose 2 to 5 session topics related to your area? We will align these ideas with the overall program.

First: Based on work you have done as well as the outputs from our sessions to date what would be the one, two, or three conversations you feel would most significantly shift the dial in your sector or impact area?

  • 10 x 1 hour sessions across the GEC program

This does not mean these are the only sessions GEN Au will be granted in the GEC program, but they are some we can quickly allocate to allow things to move faster

  • Please include presenters that are not considered keynotes, however they can comprise of:
    • Fireside Chats (a casual, 1:21 interview style)
    • Q&A (audience interaction
    • Panel discussions
    • Workshops (fully interactive sessions)
    • other delivery session ideas – share your thoughts

Please include;

  • a session name (can be workshopped),
  • an “angle” for the outcomes achieved through this
  • a list of people in your network (or achievable to reach) that you would like to see involved. If you are broadly open to international suggestions please also note this and Kali can support

We have sessions in motion around Indigenous VC Funds, Precinct Development & Building a $1b Fund but happy to discuss if you have contacts you want to see included.

Kali is available if you wish to reach out to discuss any ideas / frameworks that you need help formatting, her email is kali@genglobal.org and phone is 0416 347 961

Submit your suggestions via the form or directly to Kali; kali@genglobal.org

Suggestions will be audited at the next GEN Global, GEC program meeting, please share your current ideas by Monday 21st November.

Additional ideas will be presented at following meetings until the 10 sessions are allocated.

People, program, priorities

network of Australian experts and their global counterparts collaborated on the focus areas and priorities for #GEC2023. A series of high-impact sessions will spotlight five massive challenges facing humanity and explore how entrepreneurs are addressing them through exponential technologies and game-changing solutions.

Expect to hear from global and local thought leaders on the biggest challenges and opportunities within Food & Agriculture, Health & Life Science, Creative Industries, Education, Fintech and Financial Services, Space and Defence, Sports, Tourism, Government, and Mining, Resources and Energy

The sessions are designed to provide four days of actionable intelligence, collaboration and collective action: 

  • Masterclasses: One-directional lectures from global experts on topics including reducing risk and presenting to investors
  • Workshops: Hands-on exercises empowering entrepreneur support organisations (ESOs) to take skills home, including monitoring and evaluation best practices and building alternative funding roadmaps
  • Panels: Experience-sharing among 3-5 speakers from different nations to discuss big challenges including sector exploration and inclusiveness in entrepreneurship ecosystems.
  • Learning Hubs + Meetups: Highly interactive, conversational sessions that dive deeply into specific topics including up-to-the-minute research, developing corporate-startup collaboration, and Q&A sessions with key speakers.
  • One-to-One Mentoring: Exclusive opportunities for entrepreneurs and stakeholders to get advice from world-class mentors.
  • Startup Nations Summit: A gathering of policymakers and experts responsible for driving programs to accelerate entrepreneurial activity in their economies. This Summit is a platform for governments setting new global standards for regulatory policies and programs to enable innovation.

Extraordinary opportunity

Entrepreneurs thrive in times of change. Investments in early-stage and growth-stage companies are reaching new highs. Total value creation of the global startup economy has reached $2.3 trillion over the last three year – and what a three years it has been.

This revolution isn’t just happening in established startup hubs like Silicon Valley, London, and Shanghai – it’s happening in thousands of small and emerging ecosystems and communities around the world. 

The GEC creates opportunities for founders to share new business models and connect with experienced mentors and investors who help them scale; hosted thought leaders challenging the status quo; policymakers intent on incentivising entrepreneurs and removing barriers, and academics exploring new ways of working and new sources of data.

Engage your ecosystem 

You’re on this page because you already get it. We want to equip you to tell people about #GEC2023 – so including the suggestions above, here are some messages you can use:

  • Solving global challenges requires creativity and innovation at an unprecedented scale, creating some of the greatest opportunities for entrepreneurial talent in human history.
  • 4000+ entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers and ecosystem leaders from 200+ countries for GEC 2023: Transform Your World.
  • Kick-starting a new era of vision-casting, collaboration and collective action to solve global challenges, create long-lasting growth and make people’s daily lives better.
  • The biggest entrepreneurship event you’ve never heard of. Not another talkfest. The start of the most important conversations we’ll have in our lifetime.

See you at #GEC2023. It’s time to transform your world.

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Less than 2 weeks to go!

Don’t miss your chance to join 4000+ entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers and community leaders from 200+ countries for GEC 2023: Transform Your World.