19-22 September, 2023
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GEC 2023: Meet our Keynote Speakers

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Entrepreneurship and resilience are indivisible. To pioneer new approaches and envision new solutions means taking risks. But a thriving ecosystem of support makes it possible for anyone, anywhere to start and scale a business, and to take the risks necessary to bring vision to reality.

Global Entrepreneurship Congress 2023: Transform Your World brings together thousands of entrepreneurs, investors, ecosystem builders, policy makers and community leaders from 200 countries, working to solve challenges and create real long-term impact.

GEC 2023 includes a program of highly accomplished and inspiring speakers. This year’s speakers demonstrate the resilience, determination, and ability to stay focused under pressure that have come to define modern entrepreneurship.

Let’s meet three keynote speakers ready to share their experiences at GEC 2023.

Kelly Slater

Kelly Slater, Environmentalist

Kelly Slater is widely regarded as one of the greatest surfers of all time. His extraordinary career has seen him win 11 world championships and set numerous records throughout his career.

From elite sportsperson to environmentalist and entrepreneur is a logical pivot, according to Slater. His close contact with local communities and the natural world has shaped his values and informed his professional choices both in and out of the water.

Environmental sustainability is a key theme for Slater, who controversially left a major sponsor to start his own Outerknown surf brand, focusing on sustainable practices. In addition he has worked with major organisations like Sea Shepherd and Greenpeace to use his voice for impact.

Slater has constantly pushed the boundaries of surfing by developing new techniques, equipment, and wave-riding styles. He spent most of a decade working with partners to create high performance artificial waves, and launched his own surfboard design label with both performance and sustainability in mind. Both of these companies are leaders in their fields.

Through his brand, Slater has shown that it’s possible to combine passion with purpose and create a successful business that aligns with one’s values.

We’re thrilled Kelly Slater is joining us for GEC2023.

Mick Fanning, Australian professional surfer

Mick Fanning, Entrepreneur

Building a successful business isn’t easy and often involves facing obstacles and setbacks. Mick Fanning proves it’s possible to overcome even the most difficult challenges with the right mindset and approach.

Mick Fanning is a retired Australian professional surfer and three-time world champion in the sport. He began his career at a young age and quickly made a name for himself as a talented and determined athlete.

In a single year – 2015 – Fanning narrowly escaped an attack by a great white shark, suffered the breakdown of his marriage, and grieved the sudden death of his brother. It changed his perspective and led to his retirement from surfing in 2017.

Since then, Fanning has quietly remade himself as an entrepreneur and investor, most notably in building beer brewing company Balter up from scratch, and selling in 2019 for approximately AUD$150m.

Mick’s presence at GEC2023 is sure to inspire others to be resilient and build successful businesses.

Sara Sabry, Astronaut

The expression ‘shoot for the moon’ has inspired many entrepreneurs, but few have taken it as literally as Sara Sabry, who’ll be landing among the stars at GEC2023.

Sabry is the first Egyptian astronaut, Arab woman, and woman from the African continent to go to space. Her impressive career is fuelled by her passion for increasing representation of Egyptians, especially women, in the space field, and inspiring younger generations to dream big.

There’s little Sabry hasn’t accomplished. Her wide range of experiences range from mechatronics and robotic surgery, to stem cell development and bioastronautics.

Today, she’s the executive director of Deep Space Initiative (DSI), a non-profit company that aims to increase accessibility and opportunity in the space field while enabling deep space exploration for all humankind.

We can’t wait to welcome Sara Sabry to GEC2023 this September.

Together, we’re kick-starting a new era of vision-casting, collaboration and collective action to solve global challenges, create long-lasting growth and make people’s daily lives better.

We hope you enjoyed that peek into our inspiring line-up of speakers. If you’d like to hear more, register now to secure your ticket, and transform your world.

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