19-22 September, 2023 |

Peaks, troughs and
the waves in between.

Mick Fanning + Kelly Slater
Champion Surfers and Entrepreneurs

Introducing keynote speakers Kelly Slater and Mick Fanning. From champion surfers to successful entrepreneurs, these two know how to withstand peaks and troughs, and ride the waves in between.

Find out why 2023 is the year of collective action and transformation.

It’s time. ​

The world’s entrepreneurial landscape is shifting, yet again.

Join 4000+ entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers and community leaders from 200+ countries for GEC 2023: Transform Your World.

Together, we’re kick-starting a new era of vision-casting, collaboration and collective action to solve global challenges, create long-lasting growth and make people’s daily lives better.

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“You can’t be an entrepreneur on your own. This congress has really cemented for me the power of the network.” ​

“It’s a time to do nothing else other than focus on entrepreneurship.​”

“10 years on we’ll look back and say, I remember that conversation started here.”​

“This is the best platform that we have as an entrepreneurial community.”​


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Hosted by the Global Entrepreneurship Network in a different rising entrepreneurial city each year, the Congress fosters collaboration among thousands of delegates from 200 countries to identify, strengthen and share innovative approaches to empowering entrepreneurs in a post-pandemic world.

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Global Entrepreneurship Congress Melbourne 2023


Join 4,000 entrepreneurs, investors and policy makers from 200 nations, with one mission:​

Transform your world.

1-4 MAY, 2023
Melbourne, Australia

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